I created this company from my passion for cars/trucks and ocd for cleaning, I combined them to create extreme results, an unsurpassed detail and a completely customer centered experience!

Our goals are to figure out what our clients vehicles needs are & solve them, plain and simple! When we arrive we first do a detailed walk around the vehicle, as we do this we make note of items that need attention.  We then go over these items with you & answer any questions you may have about the services.  Mainly we will figure out what your expectations are and let you know how we plan to accomplish them!

Have you had a bad experience with this so called Pro?

Maybe you have or don't want to have any bad experience at all.

You have come to the right place!

Let me say that not all of these detailers are out to do bad work and not all of the others mean to do bad work. Most of them are just trying to make a living like all of us. Let me tell you how Detailing Gone Mobile of Henderson, NV see's this auto detailing industry. We eat, sleep and breath auto detailing! We are constantly striving to be the best mobile detailing company in Henderson and Las Vegas. 

Have you ever seen a so called "Professional" mobile detailer in the parking lot of a gas station or a supermarket?

Others VS.  DGM

From the Headlights to the Tailpipes, from the pedals to the air vents and everywhere in between! This is detailing, so its all about the details! Whether it be meticulously washing the outside or cleaning the door jambs. Consistency and attention to details is what it's about. Here at Detailing Gone Mobile of Henderson, NV we use SUPERIOR products, SUPERIOR techniques, and SUPERIOR service to deliver SUPERIOR results.

Its all about the details

What weStand For

Setting a standard of high quality expectations with Superior Service, Products, and Techniques to raise the standards in the auto detailing industry, while creating a care free and better lifestyle for each and every customer.
One vehicle at a time!

our mission

"Detailing Gone Mobile" is owned by "Detailing Gone Mobile LLC"

We continue our education on both sides of auto detailing & business side of our industry to make longer lasting relationships.  This education allows us to stay on top of our industry, giving us an advantage to grow and create long term business relationships built off of the mission we set forth to accomplish.  

"Let us take care of the details"

The right care is driven by happy customers & passion! Every vehicle is treated & cared for like it's my own!

We promise to always provide value & outstanding service, regardless of what vehicle you drive



INTO THIS.....Our skills, dedication & knowledge helps us achieve dramatic results


We have a passion for turning this.....

why choose us

We're a fully equipped mobile detailing service, serving the

Las Vegas/Henderson area. We provide Interior & Exterior Plans, Maintenance plans, & Waxing for all types of vehicles...


- Cars -Trucks - Trailers -

- Motorcycles - Watercraft - RVs -



 For most people, washing your vehicle on a weekend is never fun & is hard work, so we want to make the process as easy & enjoyable as possible for you. We genuinely care about your vehicle & your experience, and it shows. Our first time customers continually become our long term customers time & time again, choosing us for all their detailing needs! 

 Let me start off saying that Detailing Gone Mobile is not here to serve everyone. Our goals are set high to meet our customers high expectations. Our auto detailing services in Henderson, NV are changing the way you look at your vehicle! We want you to know that our attention to detail does not allow us to just do car washes, so we do not offer any car washes!  We are not here to do quantity, QUALITY is our customers expectation. Everyone places a high value on their time so we want to interrupt your time as little as possible. Here at Detailing Gone Mobile we have integrity & pride in providing the best service & customer based experience possible, with that being said we guarantee Ultimate Satisfaction (100%) 

As owners/operators of Detailing Gone Mobile I have had an over promised/ under delivered experiences with serviced based industries much like this one. So I created DGM's business goals and our mission in our everyday operation to make your experience with us as great as possible. We treat your vehicle as one of our own. Plain and simple we are in this for the long run! 

long-term business


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