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doesn't leave water spots is a must, so we are not running around your vehicle trying to hurry and dry your vehicle off before leaving water spots. our customers benefits from spot free water as well. even after the forced air and hand drying, no matter how detailed we are in this process, water is going to win and get into places even compressed air cant remove.

So the benefit of using spot free water is, after our customers drive off in their freshly detailed vehicle there wont be any spots left behind.

~spot free  water~
 Deionized water or better known as spot free water is the only water DGM uses. We bring this water in a water tank with us. there are a few reasons we use deionized water,  a few of the reasons are to benefit the detailer and all are to benefit the customer, you! when we detail your vehicle depending on the services provided it may take a while to preform the step to get the professional results that we strive for. in order for us to do this, having water that
~Wheels/Brake dust~
 with the combination of carbon fibers, adhesives and metal particles, mix all this with heat you create a highly corrosive particle that is commonly called brake dust. The particles in brake dust are very sharp when looked at under a microscope. these particles not only damage your wheels by their corrosiveness but can scratch your wheels as well.  all of this affects the look of your wheel. When brake dust is left on the surface of the wheels for long periods of time this corrosive material can and will eat away the coating on your wheels. This coating could be paint, powder coat, chrome, even polished metal wheels, and ect.

Just like the paint on your car you can protect your wheels from the effects by applying some form of wax, sealant, or coating. This layer is not impervious. Frequent cleaning is really the only way to prevent this damage from occurring.

~The wash mitt~
Our wash mitts, both for the wheels and paint used in our mobile detailing services are made of high quality microfiber strands. these microfiber strands help agitate, hold on to and release dirt and grime that is released during the auto detailing process. these strands are 40% larger than any other wash mitt on the market allowing this wash mitt to hold more soapy water. this in return lets us safely cover more area and work faster.
microfiber is superior at grabbing dirt and holding on to it, so this allows the grit and grime to stay in the mitt as we wash your vehicle instead of rubbing it into the paint.

I hope everyone is seeing a pattern here with our process and techniques. I have mentioned the word "safe" a few times in the beginning article above. This is what we practice, giving a SUPERIOR detail while not damaging surfaces of your vehicle by doing things the right way! This in the long run will maintain your vehicles condition and protect its appearance and sensitive surfaces for many more years.


~Let it snow...Pre-foam rinse~
When you "let us take care of the details" you will see us spray a thick foam on the entire exterior of the vehicle before we start the 2 bucket wash method described above. this thick foam is generated to break up and loosen dirt, Then lift it from the paint to be rinsed away before the wash mitt touches the paint. this thick foam also helps in breaking down any stubborn dirt making it easier and safer to release from the paint with the wash mitt.


With the two bucket method, quality products and wash mitts, we greatly reduce the amount of scratches introduced to your paint.

~the buddy in the bottom~
 in every one of our buckets we use a grit guard. this guard placed at the bottom of every bucket prevents the dirt that was picked up by the wash mitt and then released into the bucket to sit undisturbed at the bottom of the bucket so it does not re-contaminate the wash mitt. this grit guard also helps release the dirt and grime from the wash mitt during the auto detailing process by agitating the wash mitt against the guard further cleaning and Preparing that wash mitt for the next panel.
scratching the surface we are washing, we rinse the wash mitt in between every panel to ensure we remove dirt, grit and grime lodged into the wash mitt during the washing steps. rinsing the wash mitt allows us to pick up more dirt on the following panel. (read the next section for further information on this step)

This allows us to do a higher quality detail as well as wash it more efficiently. All this helps us to interrupt your life as little as possible.

 Brake dust consists of very sharp particles (read more about brake dust in the Wheels/Brake dust section below). both brake dust and large amounts of dirt if cross contaminated will scratch your vehicles paint. Detailing gone mobile separates this bucket, tools and wash mitt from the others so we can detail your vehicle safer and with better results, leaving you with a cleaner car.
~The other 2 buckets~
The first bucket is the wash bucket. this bucket is filled with spot free water and a high quality, high suds soap. this soap is key to releasing the dirt and grime trapping it and safely removing it from the vehicle.


the second bucket is what I like to call the most important of the two. this bucket is filled with simply spot free water. Now your really asking whys that important? This is key because in order to prevent or reduce  
~Washing STEP~
When Detailing Gone Mobile pulls up in Henderson, NV or Las Vegas, NV to detail your vehicle you may notice us pulls out three buckets to wash the exterior of your vehicle. You may ask why? The first bucket is dedicated to wheels and tires only. This bucket, the tools, and wash mitt inside this bucket do not touch or ever come in contact with the paint. Another question you may ask why? Because your wheels are in most cases the dirtiest part of the vehicle and most importantly

 Detailing gone mobile...Step by step

I have created this page on my website for the people that want to learn more about my auto detailing services I offer here in Henderson, NV and Las Vegas, NV.  My goal for this page is to better inform you of what I do and better yet why I do it while preforming these mobile detailing services. Below are only a few of the techniques and products I use. I hope this page helps you become more informed so you can make a better decision on what auto detailing service is best for you  and so that I can help you keep your vehicle looking its best.

Let me start off with sharing again what auto detailing is briefly, Auto detailing is the process of preforming washing, waxing, polishing, shampooing of both the inside and outside of a vehicle with a high attention to detail!


Having a critical eye for details as well as having an attention to see the details is important. Not only this is important, using the right techniques and products is also a key to dramatic results in the auto detailing industry! Auto detailing, especially mobile detailing is dramatically changing faster and faster every year. Here at Detailing Gone Mobile we continue to educate ourselves to stay at the top. So Check back frequently to this Behind the Scenes page to see what's new!  


Below are some of the products and techniques we use to detail your vehicle and keep it sparkling!


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