Detailing Gone Mobile is always looking and testing ways to improve the results on our customers vehicle.

Coatings are changing the way your vehicle looks, feel, and stays protected. Unlike wax that will fade away and needs to be re applied to the paint only. Coatings can last years  instead of months like most waxes and can be applied to almost any surface leaving not only the paint protected, but the entire vehicle.

Below are some of the benefits to Coatings.

~ Bullet Proof Exterior Coating~

Much more durable than wax

Deep gloss

Ease of maintenance

Stratch resistant

Very hydrophobic...

You can expect a life of up to 2 years when properly maintained.

Additional coats will increase the gloss and scratch resistance to the surface

Exterior Coatings


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Exterior coatings are the newest technology in paint care. Outlasting the life of wax significantly, a coating will give you a deeper gloss then any traditional wax and less re application of the wax as well.

It produces an extremely slick and glossy finish, helps prevent etching from bugs, damage from bird droppings, sap, and water spots.

Hydrophobic properties means it will create beads of water and prevent them from standing on the paint therefore the water runs right off the car.

Maintenance is key to making it last. This means safe car soaps, soft towels and wash mits, no harsh chemicals, avoid automatic car washes, etc. We can also create a maintenance package for you to keep the coating in its best shape.

I will apply an exterior coating only if the vehicle paint is in great shape. If the paint isn't in great shape then paint enhancement needs to be preformed. Click Here for more details. The reason for this is the surface needs to be as leveled out and defect free as possible to ensure the coating can bond properly to the paint

(prices are "Starting At" and "Final Price" is determined upon inspection)

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Cars $150 - $200 add on for 2 coats, $50 - $75 for additional coats

Trucks starting at $200 - $250 add on for 2 coats, $75 - $100 for additional coats

This is considered an add on to any paint enhancement