We don't just protect the exterior of your new car. We properly prepare the inside to protect all plastics and apply a Fabric Protectant to ensure that the Interior & Exterior are properly protected so you keep as much value in that new car as possible.

Your new car will look better, longer and be easier to maintain over the life of the vehicle with our
New Car Prep.

Prices Starting At $325

Overall Condition of vehicle will determine "final price"

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NEw car prep

Your new car may be the second biggest purchase you may buy in your life time.

Why not start it off the right way by protecting it from the start with our New Car Prep.

To prepare your new car we start off by carefully washing the exterior of the vehicle, then further prepare the paint by enhancing it to its full potential, this insures the best results for applying a NANO GLASS COATING.

(for more information on Exterior Coatings click here)


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